5 effective way to say good bye to extra fat

It is very easy to gain weight as our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to come out of our comfort zone. Therefore reducing weight becomes the biggest challenge. Most of us have tried many things so that we are able to lose some weight but don’t get success. Failure turns our behavior into anger, frustration and we start hating ourselves.

Before planning to lose weight we need to find out the root cause of our weight gain sometimes it is due to our unhealthy eating habits, genetic issues or we might be on medication. Therefore we need to figure it out and then the next thing we need to understand is we can’t loose weight in one night  it is because of repetitive practice of many years which most of us ignored , hence  it is not possible to lose weight in one or two day. The journey of losing weight varies for every person, some will get good results within 3 months, 6 months or even 1-2 years. It depends upon the method we are opting throughout the journey. Therefore once you figure out the root cause of your weight gain, you need to commit to yourself no matter how long the journey you will remain calm, focused, and dedicated. Here I am sharing some tips which you can opt and get effective results.

Keep your eye on ever intake

Our eating habit is the root cause of gaining weight. Therefore we need to be very choosy with our food. Develop a habit of saying no to the food which is a rich source of fat. This rule is not for your three time meal but for the whole day for every single intake. You can make a list of not to eat foods and stick it to your fridge, bag, and even in your bedroom so that you can recall yourself every time that these food items are obstacle in your weight loss journey.

  • Avoid junk food, oily food, processed food and packed food items. These are the main cause of gaining weight
  • Cut sugar intake.
  • Drink 7-8 glass of water throughout the day.
  • Develop your friendship with fruits and vegetables and be creative to consume them.
  • Never miss your meal and take your meals at a fixed time.
  • Plans your healthy snacks that you will take in the day.

Movement is important for body

We all know 80 % of our body is what we eat throughout the day and remaining 20 % is our physical activities. Therefore there should be a proper coordination between these two. There are many options available which will be helpful for weight loss like gym, cardio, dance, zumba and many more. To remain fit and healthy one needs to spend 30- 60 minutes a day, join these classes or do strenuous physical activity by oneself.

Yoga: powerful for weight loss

Yoga is an ancient science, it teach us breathing techniques while taking different posters. It is the powerful form of exercises since practicing yoga daily will relax our mind and body and will also be helpful for weight loss. Yoga demands punctuality therefore a regular practice gives effective results. As it is the technique of breathing therefore it is important to learn this technique from a professional trainer like Yoga Montclair. After learning you can practice at your home. Yoga is the best exercise to strengthen the overall body.

Walk to stay healthy

Our lifestyle is so busy and we mostly choose bus or car to travel from one place to another. This habit makes our body lazy. A walk is important to stay fit it will help to digest food we eat. Therefore while you plan to lose weight you need to decide the time when you will walk or run. Although our lifestyle is busy but small changes in the routine can make a big difference and we will achieve good results.

  • Park you vehicle at some distance or if you travel via bus then make your pick and drop one stop earlier, so that you can walk.
  • You can develop the habit of morning walk 15-30 minute walk is enough.
  • After dinner never go to bed directly. Take a walk of 10-15 minute and during this time you can listen to your favorite song or chat/ talk with your family.
  • If your gym or other fitness class is near your home then it is good to reach there by walking. This will be the best warm up exercise.

Do some meditation and stay calm

As the journey of weight loss is little difficult, One needs to stay away from negative thoughts and stay focused all the time. Meditation is the best for mental health as it provides clarity in the thought process and is helpful to remain focused at work. Meditation is beneficial for weight loss as this is the time of self-realization. One should practice meditation at least 30 minutes in the morning and stay energized and calm throughout the whole day.

Weight lose journey is a collection of some good habits that we need to adopt and do them repetitively throughout our day. Self affirmation is important in this so that negative habits will not harm you to achieve your goal.